Dual Messaging for Web App

With Dual Text you can have two numbers on your iPhone or one number on two different devices like an iPad and your iPhone.

Very easy to use, the application works like a web browser, just enter the link of your favorite web messenger and it will be displayed like in a desktop version.

For maximum privacy, our application offers the possibility to activate a screen lock to secure your data. Unlocking is done using Touch ID, Face ID, or your phone’s passcode.

Main features:

  • Web browser compatible with webmail apps.
  • Screen lock to keep your data private.
  • One-click session logout

AI Captions – Video Subtitles

AI Captions: The Ultimate Interactive Captioning Editor!

Elevate your videos with AI Captions, the comprehensive solution for captivating content.

Effortlessly add dynamic speech subtitles using our automatic caption generator and transform your videos into engaging narratives. With our intuitive editor, customize your content by editing, cutting, and refining clips, enhancing audio, and perfecting visuals.
Experience the power of advanced technology as AI Captions generates accurate and professional-grade speech subtitles, revolutionizing the way you communicate visually.

Personalize your captions with various styles, matching your unique vlog or presentation style. Seamlessly transcribe voiceovers, ensuring flawless capturing of every word.

With AI Captions, unleash your creativity and unlock a world of interactive video editing possibilities.
Discover the full potential of AI Captions, the ultimate interactive captioning editor. Enjoy a streamlined workflow that simplifies the editing process, from transcribing voice to editing videos and adding dynamic text.

Enhance your videos with captivating speech subtitles, allowing you to engage with your audience on a whole new level.
Download AI Captions now and experience the power of the ultimate interactive captioning editor. Elevate your videos with dynamic speech subtitles, edit, cut, and transcribe effortlessly, and bring your storytelling to life like never before.